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By: Daphne Du Maurier

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When a young woman marries an older, widowed, gentleman from the upper class, her problems begin as she attempts to fill the shoes of her husband’s first wife, Rebecca. 

My Review

I really struggled with what rating to give this book. I was quickly drawn into the story and wondered how the plot would unfold however I was sincerely bothered by the main characters lack of…character! That is why this book receives three stars; the story was great but then the main character had a serious problem. I was stuck wondering if people like this really existed OR if perhaps, I was actually like her but was too “into myself” to realize I had such obvious character flaws. Perhaps a book that initiates that kind of self-reflection and thought deserves a higher rating…I’m not sure.

I spent the book trying to rewrite the main character and vow never to be like her. So how would you rate such a book? I chose middle of the road because it was partly a 5 star and in others it was only 1. I chose to average them but even now I wonder if I’ve done the book an injustice by only giving it three stars. I read this book as a book club assignment and I think I was the only one who was as deeply bothered by the main character, so perhaps this is one you’ll just have to read yourself in order to draw your own conclusions. Rest assured, if do you choose to read the book, I don’t think you’ll walk away thinking you wasted “x” amount of time reading it and should have done something else. I give Rebecca *3-stars.

*Indicates that the book was rated before February 2008 when I implemented the use of my book rating calculator.

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