Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hey guys,

I have a little secret. I'm blogging again. Which isn't really evident from what you see here because I'm blogging over here:

I started the new blog because I had a hard time posting about food on a blog titled Sew Many Books. I tried...Really I did remember?...




Anyway I just couldn't do it. If I were OCD I'd blame it on that, but I'm not so I have no excuses, just a request that you please follow me to.

Say to yourself...I want to go to there!

It's a lot to ask I know. You probably already have a favorite food blog and perhaps you aren't really sure if you want to follow me there (because there is only one food post up- at the current time)  But if you like to eat or have ever eaten anything that I've prepared for you, or you think that I'm a soul worth saving...I think you're going to want to follow the new blog. :) Just be patient, it's growing....Can I count on your vote in November.... Ooops not a political blog a food blog....

Do you feel the love?  Then go ahead and share the love, your comments are more than welcome and appreciated.




Erin said...

I think you mean, Psst... :-) And I love the new blog. But are you even able to eat any of this food? Last I heard, you had cut just about everything out of your diet to help Spencer...how's he doing by the way?

Gwenevere said...

hmmm I wonder if [ptsss] that is why when I read the post title I kept thinking about going potty. :)

I currently am tasting food because I don't think it's very responsible to blog about food that I've never eaten. Also, a lot of the recipes are things I've already tried so I know they are good to post.

Katie said...


Gwenevere said...

Katie...how do I add a "like" button on comments because me likes your comment. :)