Saturday, September 25, 2010

New House Mystery

Something mysterious happens when you move to a new place and it doesn’t matter if the new place is a rental or your very own, whether it's old or new, whether it is a bigger place or a smaller place or whether it is an apartment, condo, townhouse, home, barn, tent etc. 

There is nothing that is exempt from this phenomenon.

So what is this wonder I’m speaking of? Oh sure you can’t find your favorite…whatever it is, but that is really just collateral damage. 
What I’m talking about is the fact that…

no matter how great you are at Tetris and making things fit,
no matter how frugal you think you are,
no matter how resourceful you can be…

There is always a piece of furniture 
that no longer works in your new abode.


There is an empty space that needs 
“something” you simply do not have.


The plain and simple desire to “upgrade” or “update” is pulling at your heart and creativity like a…like a what? Oh, I don’t know, you just want new stuff really a lot!

The worst part about this little problem is that just when you’ve decided to live without whatever it is that will make your place  
absolutely perfect!
The Pottery Barn Catalog comes in the mail (because that too mysteriously happens when you move to a new place) and because you have nothing better to do (the hundreds of unpacked boxes aren’t going anywhere) you begin flipping through the pages--you know--just to see” and “get some ideas”. Not too long after you reached the end of the catalog you realize that you are way worse off than you were before because in Pottary Barn, you WILL find exactly what it is you were dreaming of and at a million times the cost you were ever hoping to spend.

**  sigh **

That is where I was this afternoon. While my kids played “pretend” in their rooms, I played “pretend” in my head. Eventually it became too much for me. I just couldn’t take it. I wanted these things so much! What could I DO?!

That is when google came to my rescue. The original search was so long ago I don’t even remember what it was I typed in. All that matters is what I found.

Now we all know, my serious blogging days are over - as is evident by how infrequently I post. Well, when I made this realization I decided it was time to clean my "google reader" house & free up some time so I dumped a lot of the blogs I was following. What remained were, of course, all my dear friends and family and an infant size handful of strangers that I considered to be really, REALLY special bloggers. A new blog was added to that tiny handful today.

Go ahead- take a look

I can’t wait to clean out my garage….and get the baby out of my belly…so that Boy and I can set up the tools and work bench and get started on…

the desktop letter hutch,
(I'll have to modify the bridge)

that I have desired to fill my “empty space” in our new place and also so that I won’t have to hope over Pottery Barn ever again. But before I start those, I may upgrade my queen to this king size bed-it looks a little easier.

Ever since I met my “non-blogging friends”, Lisa & Karen, (and by non-blogging friends I simply mean that I cannot hyperlink you to their awesomeness) I’ve wanted to build things but I’ve been afraid and I haven’t known where to go to find the plans. Both Karen and Lisa have said that building is just like sewing (see I knew I'd be able to connect this post to the overall theme of my blog)  - all you need is a pattern. Today I found my patterns and oh goodness….


Anybody want to build with me?



Trac said...

Checked out the Anna-White site, WOW, I love all the pictures with great tutorials. Tons of fabulous ideas in here, makes me want to go build something. Let us know how your building goes and post pics, would love to see it. Love the king size bed that you want. Great choice.

AmyJo said...

Uh, wow! Awesome site, I want to build something too! Maybe I can get Heath to use that table saw gathering dust in the garage...

Monica said...

I didn't know you moved....or that you were expecting! Congrats on both....just try to end up IN the hospital this time... =)

Sapito said...

You should delete this post asap before Eli sees it and adds more projects to the never ending list. :)

Gwenevere said...

Sapito, if she hasn't found it yet, she probably won't, but do you have a miter saw? I'd love to come over and borrow it, my to do list keeps getting longer and longer.

Sapito said...

I do and you can. It's a little heavy but cuts true.