Monday, September 13, 2010

What's in a name?

For those of you who may not know, a new little baby (gender unknown) will be joining our family in November. We are a bit stumped on names suitable for a girl so we've begun our search. Today, my search took me to some of my favorite books. This method provided me with a few more options to think about -- and left me wishing I have read more. :) 

So...of all the books you have ever read, what was the name of your favorite character and why?
(And if it so happens that your favorite character was male, that's ok, 
I still want to hear about it)


McVal said...

Winter for a girl. I think the book was named Winter too. But that was her name. Big epic book that was 3 inches thick and I loved it. Hated it when I finally finished it. But I had challenged myself to read one of the old books with boring covers in the public library one day as a teenager.
Well - then there's always Princess Leia...

Chelsea Hadler said...

I like different names nothing from what I've read from books. Some are Hollyn, Harper, Hadley, Grelyn, and Irelynn. You seem to only want girl names but one of the boy names I like is Braxton.

Katie said...

I think you already knew this but I love Laura Ingalls, and I've always wanted that name for one of my girls. I don't remember why I felt drawn to her after reading her books as a child. Maybe it's because she wasn't as talented as her older sister Mary was and she seemed to just live life and I loved that.

My favorite heroine is Jane Eyre by far. I love her love story and how she stood strong in her convictions. Of course I also love Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice.. oh and she made me think of Lucie from A Tale of Two Cities... I love Scout from How to Kill a Mockingbird and her spirit and spunk.

My newest favorite heroine is Becky Jack from Actor and the Housewife. She's funny, smart, a great mother and wife and I wish she was a real person cause I know her and I could be best friends.

Good luck with everything! I can't believe you are that close to having your baby! Any guesses on what gender you think it is?