Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Backyard Beach....Oregon Coast Style

We stayed home during spring break this year. 
There is no shame in that. 

We did venture out to the zoo on one HOT day only to find the zoo to be incredibly crowded. When we were done standing in all the lines to look at the animals the kids wanted to play at the splash park. Did I tell you it was HOT. Rather than sit in the heat watching our kids run in and out of all the water features, my sister and I (the one featured in this photo here) decided to head home and set up a backyard beach.

A pool we have not, but a full size sand volleyball court to stand in as the “beach” we do!

We set up multiple watering stations with the handy use of hoses and sprinkers to copensate for the missing ocean. The kids had a blast. Too bad I didn’t pull out my camera until everyone left. When I asked Roo to smile for his picture in the “hot tub” he looked at me like I was a crazy person. (It’s an expression I am quite familiar with.) He then asked, “What are you talking about?”

“That water you are sitting in.” I clarified. “It’s a hot tub.”

He looked around, quite bewildered, and then with his fingers pointing to the water he was playing in he exclaimed, “This isn’t a hot tub! This water if FREEZING!”


Naomi said...

That looks like so much fun! We stayed home this year, too, but we usually do. I haven't figured out that whole "vacationing" thing everybody is doing these days.

Erin said...

There is no shame, but who am I to talk? I came to INDIANA for Spring Break. I'm sorry we missed the backyard beach, but I guess you didn't even know I was in town, but Alesha had invited me. But thanks for letting me hang out all day on Thursday. As one person would say, "How long are you going to be here?"