Thursday, April 15, 2010

Office View

Sometimes I miss the view of the mountains
and the city...
from my office in downtown Salt Lake.

Sometimes I miss the hustle of the city 
and walking around feeling important because I had somewhere I needed to be.

Sometimes I miss waiting for the bus or the train 

or eating lunch in a manicured garden or city park….

Today, however, I’m really enjoying the fingerprint-smudged windows 
that provide the view from my current office. 

I’m especially grateful that although it is a beautiful spring day, 
I get to enjoy the view without the pollen. 
Really though I think it’s time to invest in some Windex. 


Anonymous said...

I also like your view right is a nice view! The other views were cool too, but it is nice to have the actual view while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I posted two times the same thing...but it said that the first comment had a problem and couldn't be posted...anyway.

Naomi said...

That is a sweet view. Better than your old suite view. Oh, I am so clever I just can hardly stand it.