Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another April Fools Post

April Fools day lost its luster sometime around the 4th grade when just about every kid in class came to school with their arm in a sling. I mean really…

Where is the originality?
Where is the creativity?

How many blog and facebook posts will you read today that state…

I’m pregnant


I’m engaged

Again….Creativity? Originality? Anyone…anyone?

Lets face it, the best April Fools jokes are really just pranks played at random times throughout the year when the element of surprise can really be harnessed.

I know you know what I’m talking about….at least I know my sister Nicole does. She has a bag of tricks I’d love to share here but since, this isn’t her blog, I haven’t asked permission and most were illegal, I’ll refrain.

But for the rest of you, come on, fess up….What prank were you most pleased to be apart of? If you need help remembering your best work, think back to college. I’m confident that some of the best pranks were pulled there and why not? Creative juices are at their peak flow and a sense of responsibility and mortality are at their lowest….

it’s a dangerous combination. 


Katie said...

I follow Shannon Hales blog and last april fools day she announced that Goose Girl was being made into a movie and announced the cast. It was the craziest cast I have ever seen but I fell for it and felt silly when she announced it was a joke.

I did a perfectly awesome prank to Chris a couple years ago that I'm going to blog about later today when I take a nap.

Gwenevere said...

HA! I totally remember your post last year. It was either on fb or your blog. I laughed. I need to remember to add that book to me "to read" list.

Becky said...

Ah, college. That takes me back to some great pranks. We had copies of a few car keys from guys in the ward and we would randomly move their cars in the middle of the night. Once we filled a guys bedroom full of crumpled newspapers. It was at least 5 feet deep. And once we made cookies for a guy who lived in # 1 and when he came out to collect his doorbell-ditched cookies, we dumped 2 pitchers of water on his head. We also stole someone's mattress my first year. The best, though, was our destruction of apartment 6 during spring break. We took their lightbulbs, moved their furniture and dresser drawers, and used yarn to spiderweb their entire apartment. Thanks for the trip down pranksters memory lane!

Erin said...

You got me! I was totally going to post on fb that I was pregnant or my relationship was "it's complicated" but figured nobody would believe me. The only April Fools prank that comes to mind is when I was about 12 or 13 and pretended to be a mom of one of Jared's friends. I called my mom and said he had broken his arm or something and she completely fell for it. She was nearly on her way to the hospital when I had to fess up. I think my dad was in on it too.