Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning

In lieu of all the spring-cleaning going on out there, I’d like to share what I am trying to sort through this season. The following is a snapshot of... 
my storage unit.

Before you proceed to pass too harsh a judgment, I have a few things to say in my defense.

ONE – I’m planning on having a garage sale
TWO – Yes, I know how bad it looks and
THREE – I really do know where everything is.

OK, now you can judge.
When you’re done, please continue reading.
(We’ll get to the judgments later—in the comments perhaps)

What I’d like to address in this post is the issue that I have with this picture which is that just because I know where something is, it doesn’t mean that I can get to it without having to filter through some unnecessary JUNK and by so doing, I run the risk of it all crashing down and SQUASHING me…and thus bringing me to my untimely death (if there really is such a thing as an untimely death).

With that said, I’d like to now show you something else I’m trying to sort through this spring, The following is a snapshot of... 
my life.

As you can see, the two are freakishly similar. There are some differences too, but for now I’d like to compare the similarities. 

In my life, despite the disarray, I know where just about everything is kept. I know where my joy is along with my anger, stress, happiness, guilt, pride, talent, sorrow etc. The problem is that in order to access, lets say… happiness, I have to sift through sorrow or find a new place to put anger. It’s a delicate balance where with one false movement or misstep the entire structure could tumble down.

There must be a better way to access 
the good stuff.

You know…put in on top or upfront rather than have it intermixed with all the crap. Ultimately, I’d really like to just get rid of all the JUNK but I’m reminded of a time when [I though] I had done that and wouldn’t you know it, just when I went for a box of peace, I found fear and doubt instead.

How did that get in there!?

If you have any tips (or judgments) to share, now would be the time.

(Oh! I almost forgot…IF you are INDY local AND the community in which you live is hosting a yard sale weekend AND you would be willing to lend me a small part of your yard, please let me know, I would love to participate.)


Katie said...

No judgment from me. It took moving out of state to make me let go of some of my stuff. It all had to fit in a budget truck and a lot of it didn't. It was hard but refreshing at the same time. Good luck!

Jamie G. said...

Definitely not getting a peep out me....I am in NO place to be judging! My house and my life are both completely unorganized right now and probably will be for the foreseeable future.

Our community does have a garage sale every summer, but I think it's usually towards the end of the July, I think. You are welcome to use our driveway anytime! I'll let you know when and if I find out when it is.

Patrice said...

Our neighborhood garage sale is the end of May I believe. We don't have enough unwanted junk (or so I believe) to really sell, so you are welcome to our whole driveway if you'd like. Maybe it will motivate me to find some things to sell.