Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birth Order- Ghost of Journals Past

I am in the process of  “backing up” my hand written journals by transcribing them into digital format. I wonder if I can do it WITHOUT editing the spelling, grammar and stupid-me-why-did-I-write-this-down errors? As I was flipping through some of the “back issues”, this sidetracked me:

Boy              Boy
Girl               Girl
Boy              Boy
Boy     OR     Boy
Girl                  Girl
Boy               Girl
Girl                  Boy
Girl                   Girl

Anyway I don’t know which if more entertaining…the fact that
A.   I wrote down the preferred birth order of my unborn children
or that
B.   I wrote down so many! (I’m not ruling out 8 but WowZa! From where I stand today, 
                that is highly unlikely.)

If nothing else, this transcription process should provide a good hearty laugh.
I love my journals.
I love to see how things change over time.
I love to have proof to back me up when my memory 
(or someone else’s) 


Jamie G. said...

Wow! You were thinking ambitiously......8 kids! It is fun to look back at what we were thinking long ago and reassess.

Boy said...

This statement scares me:

(I’m not ruling out 8 . . .

Andrea said...

I can't stand to read my old journals. I only wrote in them when I was feeling dramatic.

Erin said...

I'm impressed you're putting your journals into digital form. All I ever wrote about when I was a kid was who I had a crush on this week and then a few mandatory Personal Progress entries thrown in.

Chandee said...

No matter how you look at this one you have already lost. You made no choice 3 which should have started boy, girl, girl...

Gwenevere said...

Touche, Chandee. Touche.