Friday, February 26, 2010

Finished Project #1: The Christmas Present

I said goodbye to Finished Project #1: The Christmas Present, on Tuesday. What a feeling! I was so happy to fold it up, put it in its new box and send it away on the next plane to Utah.

Now that the package has been delivered I can show you what was inside. 

Finished Project #1: The Christmas Present 
aka: FP1:TCP.
fka: UNFINISHED BUSINESS: The Christmas Present, UPTCP or The Blanket

UPTCP came to live in the UNFINISHED PROJECTS box on December 26, 2009, when I missed my deadline and took on a "what's-the-point?" approach. It was heartbreaking really. You see, I’ve been making these seamless bundles of warm fluff and cozy since 1996. I knew what I was doing and I knew it wouldn’t take me more than 2 days to get it done. My confidence got ahead of me. I decided to,

"try something new”.

Construction of the saw-tooth border was a snap! From there, the rest of the construction was a disaster. Each time I attempted to work on UPTCP  it got smaller and smaller as I cut away mistake after mistake. At night I thought about UPTCP and what I could do to save it (and now this is sounding like a story from Jacob 5). I had no solutions. The only thing I knew was that if I continued on the path I was on, The (KING SIZE)  Blanket would be reduced to a dishcloth in no time at all. It didn’t deserve that, so I stopped. 

I had to clear my head.

Two weeks after Christmas, when I hadn’t done so much as look in UPTCP’s direction I realized something had to be done so I overcame my embarrassment and  finally called my sister to tell her that her Christmas gift wasn’t lost in the mail and that it would NOT be in her hands any time soon. I also had to apologize for avoiding her phone calls. 

--Yes, I was THAT ashamed.--  

I think she understood. 
I hope she understood.

On February 22, 2010 I was ready to put this behind list provided much motivation...I pulled UPTCP out from it’s UNFINISHED PROJECT box armed with my seam ripper and scissors—just in case it got REAL ugly. I was prepared to do whatever it took, to get this thang done! After initial inspection, I could clearly see the problem...

I was delusional.

That is the only logical explanation. The border wasn’t prefect but it certainly wasn’t as horrible as I had remembered it to be either. How had this happened? Did rodent friends fix the blanket so I could go to the ball? No! What had happened is that I had two months to brood over my mistakes and essentially make a mountain out of a molehill! Seriously, had I really made the whole thing up?!

Apparently so.
How frustrating.

I could have been done with UPTCP 2 months ago!

Merry Christmas
JK Mad Fam

May what's left of your winter be warm and cozy.


P.S. If I look unhappy in the picture I'm not....well...not really. I look unhappy because moments earlier, Boy told me that taking pictures is fun but finishing  The Blanket would be more I stopped shooting and resumed tying...and then he pics up the camera and starts shooting...boys....*sigh*


Boy said...

Unfair characterization of Boy and the camera-picture taking!

Gwenevere said...

perhaps...but not enough to fret over.

Andrea said...

Yay! Finished project! My mom comes this week - she always motivates me, so I am getting out my own boxes of UPs. Photos are very cool BTW.

And I'm supposed to be paying the bills. But your blog is so fun.

Gwenevere said...

Andrea...I should be doing taxes.