Saturday, February 27, 2010

Get It Together-Ghost of Journals Past

On this day, 1990…

If I ever need to decorate for a Valentines dance or console a heartbroken 12-year-old…a review of this journal entry ought to come in handy.

I especially like the second to last line. I wonder how long it’s going to take me to “get it together”. Oh well, at least from this entry I can know how long I’ve been trying!

February 27, 1990                                    

Well a whole month has gone by and I haven’t made an entry yet. This month the 6th grade had a Valentines dance. It was so much fun. The theme was hearts delight the decorations were really fun. They had giant hearts all over the place, chairs set up on the side of the auditorium, a set up of a city was in one corner and in front of it was a park bench with two people kissing on it. There were lampposts made of paper with white balloons for the light. Then there were white trees with hearts and lights strung on them. There was a dance competition. Jason and I entered. We won 3rd place and there were about 15 who entered. Then I found out that Jason like someone else. My heart was broken and I still haven’t gotten over him. Every time I hear his name I want to cry. Most the time I do. In my journal it has all this stuff about how neat he is. I still really like him but I’m sure he sees nothing in me! I want to call him but if I were to hear his voice I would just crumble and cry! My life is confusing and it’s going to take a while to get it back together. My last words are….help, help, help & double help.

Other things I remembered after reading this entry…

To the dance I wore a white dress my mom had made me with a pink “unit”

I tried to talk my friend, Lori, into wearing a red satin gown that belonged to her sister but her mom talked her out of it. She told Lori that it was a costume and any friend who was encouraging her to wear it shouldn’t be trusted. Her mom figured the only reason a friend would want her to wear the dress was so that the friend (that would be me) would look better than her. (Lori could wear a burlap bag and still look better than me….I just loved the satin!

Oh and if this post didn’t bring back your own happy, drama-filled, 12-year-old memories then maybe this picture of my father-in-law will bring to mind other happy, gut busting, memories....or at least get you to crack a smile. J


Erin said...

So, are you still crying over Jason? That's how most of my journal entries are from when I was a pre-teen and teenager.
Why does the little boy next to said father in law have his face blocked out? Do you realize it looks like there are horns coming out of his head? Are you trying to tell us something?

Gwenevere said...

After I posted the picture I realized how bad the edit job was of poor little blurry boy. :) I didn't want to post a picture of someone else's kid without their permission (It was hard enough getting father-in-laws permission.) Plus blurry boy had REALLY bad red so I guess he looked like a demon no matter what I did.

Yeah...this journal entry and probably most of the years to follow have taught me that this was a "learning" stage. I had to learn how to write how I was feeling and by golly, I wrote how I was feeling.

I don't remember the last time I cried over a boy. I didn't even cry over Boy when I thought he was interested in my roomie...that is when I decided crying was useless and action was required!

Katie said...

All I have to say is thank goodness I didn't have a journal at 12 years old. I love your description of the decorations. Must have been impressive for you to write all those details.

Yeah your blurred out photos makes it look like a nice green goatee.