Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Here

It’s Here!

Winter can’t last forever

Spring is on it’s way.

Easter will be here shortly,

In fact, it begins today!

When Boy and I moved to Michigan, I learned through the example 
of my Catholic pals,that the Easter holiday has a season and it begins today.

Ash Wednesday

Lent rest in the top spot on my list of favorite holidays for many reasons.
In an effort to keep you awake, I’ll BRIEFLY list two…
...I mean three, of those reasons.

The longevity of the fast.
Give something up for 40 days and I might actually stand a
chance to stay the habit after the fast is broken.

It is much easier for me to give something up
when I have a reason outside of myself to do so.

Even though the fast may not be spiritual,
(saying no to food after the kids are in bed isn't exactly...spiritual),
the focus on one event [Christ’s 40-day fast in the wilderness]
for that amount of time is likely to bring inspired thought.

Yes, I am aware that I can use the same idea behind Lent to help me 
kick any bad habit and at any time of the year however I allow 
Lent to provide a crutch to my instability
and I like it.

Oh and


is a countdown to Easter…

…and spring…

…and a reminder that winter will



Jamie G. said...

You have had me thinking about doing something as well. For my intercultural paper I was thinking about going to a Catholic Mass. Do you know if they have a special one tonight for Ash Wednesday? Hmmm...what to give up...there's so many things to choose from.....

Gwenevere said...

Jamie, I'm checking up on the catholic masses this evening...I'll get back with you. and as far as picking something to fast from...may I suggest picking something that you actually have a chance of succeeding at. ie. don't give up ALL sweets, just give up one type. I think experiencing success is a good thing even if it is only over a small thing.

Gwenevere said...

Nativity Catholic Church
7225 Southeastern Ave. | Indianapolis, IN 46239 | 317.357.1200
Mass and distribution
of ashes:
6 pm

Andrea said...

Did you go to mass? I should have thought of it earlier and I would have gone. My friends attend Nativity.

So're telling me that winter ends?

What a great Lent discussion we had last night.

Gwenevere said...

yes...Virginia...there IS a Santa Clause....and yes, Andrea.. winter will end (figuratively AND literally)