Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Lost Symbol-Review


By Dan Brown


When Robert Langdon’s specialized understanding of symbols is needed to interpret the pieces of a madman’s puzzle; the existence of God and the mortality of man hang in the balance.

I thoroughly enjoy books that leave me no choice but to smooth out the wrinkles of my own thought. They leave me feeling invigorated and alive and profoundly connected to the God I Love. I really enjoyed this book because it did just that.

I really hated this book because in order for me to share the thoughts I have had, it will make me sound like a Dan Brown Looney for buying in. J

I loved this book because it was the first book that I’ve read in over a year that I actually wanted to finish and did so in a week.

I did not appreciate the excessive amounts of waste and repetition that this story contained. If you are worried that people aren’t going to get it the first time, then rethink how you present the information and get it right. I don’t blame Brown however. If an author gets away with that much regurgitation, it’s gotta be the editors fault. Seriously, read the book first before you send it to the publisher. As a reader, I was insulted that someone thought I was so dense that they would have to explain something more than once. 

In short, the story has its flaws, serious flaws. One of which is that Brown really builds the climax and couldn’t quite deliver. Although the revelations were not as profound to this reader as they were in “The DaVinci Code” I still really enjoyed the book and the places it took me.  I give this book 3 stars.


Naomi said...

My guess, based on your extremely strict criteria, is two-and-a-half stars.

Katie said...

Oh Gwen, I couldn't agree with you more about the repetitiveness. It got old and then I got annoyed. I also didn't care for the ending. I just remember thinking "really?!" It just was nothing compared to his other 4 books. I did enjoy the little twist cause I didn't guess it. Once I read Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons I was able to call the bad guys in the other books.
One other thing that really bugged me is his reference to the liahona and Joseph Smith. I can't remember exactly what he called it but compared to all the research this guy does for his book he couldn't look up the name for it?! People make jokes about Mormons all the time so I'm not offended or anything I just couldn't believe he didn't call it what it was. Especially with the redundancy of all the Masonic stuff.
My guess at what you rated the book is 2 stars cause I gave it 3 and your standards are a lot higher.

EVA said...

I'm halfway through my second Margaret Atwood book, this one is "The Handmaid's Tale". Have you read any of hers?

Gwenevere said...

Eva, You've inspired me. I need to add a page to my blog that allows readers to submit book suggestions. watch for that. Unfortunately no, I have not read any of Margaret Atwood's work and perhaps sadder still, until I googled her name from your reference, I knew nothing of her (please don't hate me...I'm learning).

Naomi & Katie, I'm now shy to write my rating. In reading your comments I realized that my criteria does not allow for what I loath about what I've read. It is centered on what I learned. What can I say, I'm a positive person and my ratings reflect the "good" in what I read.