Friday, February 19, 2010

Unfinished Business

The Baby Quilt
The Barbie Wedding Dress
The Birthday DVD’s (x3)
The Birthday Photo Albums (x3)
The Black Dress/Skirt?
The Blanket From Christmas Scraps                                    Finished 02/26/2010
The Blanket From Last Year’s Christmas Scraps            Finished 03/03/2010
The Book
The Bow Hangers
The Bows
The Christmas Present                                                Finished 02/22/2010           
The Christmas Tree Skirt
The Cleopatra Hair Hat
The Cross Stitch
The Denim/Khaki/Red Quilt
The Doll Clothes
The Dress-Ups
The DVD (favor for a friend)
The Easter Dresses 2010
The Embroidered Quilt
The Family DVD’s v.1- v.?)
The Framing of the Cross Stitch
The Halloween Apron
The Karaoke Book
The Kitchen (painting)
The Mending
The Mission Movie
The Other Christmas Present (painting)
The Other DVD (favor for a friend)
The Other Wedding Present (DVD)
The Pettiskirts
The Picture Frame
The Picture Recovery & Organization
The PJ Bottoms (x3)
The Playroom
The Rag Quilt From Christmas Scraps
The Recipe Book
The Shopping Sacks
The Summer Dress for Little Girl
The Summer Skirt I
The Summer Skirt II
The Vintage Summer Dress
The Wedding Present (DVD)

Isn’t that list

And by Romantic  I mean:
of or characterized by,
or suggestive of an idealized view of reality.

That list up there is my attempt to breathe new life into what has been left undone and eventually forgotten. It is NOT a list of movies I love, books I hope to read or songs I have sung. No, it is a list of all the projects I have started and am yet to complete. (For my own dignity, I’ve let off the date these projects began.) As you can gather… I am notorious for biting off more than I can chew-I blame it on (wo)mans natural instinct to create.

Well, since my crafting budget was cut [by me], I figured now would be a great time to finish the projects that I have been carting around the country (since the beginning of time) and which have taken up residence in several boxes labeled “UNFINISHED PROJECTS”. With each move our family has made I vowed that if the projects remained unfinished, I would leave them behind. Somehow I never could. Leaving a project behind is like making it to the Final Four and then not showing up to the game.

I’ve come this far, only to quit now?


Giving up is something I’m not very good at so until I get better at it….
I’m going to start chipping away at those boxes,
by finishing one project at a time.

So…. Do you have a list that you are trying to get to the bottom of? Do share. Depending on our progress, we can either commiserate or celebrate together.



Boy said...

Can I make a request as to which project you tackle first?

Andrea said...

I am proud of you for making a list. I made a list once. It was a full page, three columns. We should have an unfinished project night once a month or every other month. Rules: you must work on an unfinished project of your own and not start a new project because someone else's unfinished project just looks SO FUN and CUTE.

AmyJo said...

Good luck with all of that! I really need to make my own list :)

Naomi said...

As a girl who appreciates a good list, I will tell you this one rocks. Good luck getting it all done! I'll be even more impressed if you get it all done before you add to it further.

I am loving reading this blog! It feels like a cool drink of water to delve into your thoughts again. How have I missed this? Little things like unemployment, new babies, cross country moves, I guess. Anyway, I'm going to read slow, like a good book that I don't want to end:)

Aurora said...

Hi, stopping by from SITS.
OMGosh, your blog is right up my alley, i so relate. here are just a few of my unfinished --
1.quilt for daughter C
2.quilt for daughter K
3.quilt for my bed
4.t-shirt quilts for all 3kids
6.quillow project for friend (was supposed to be for christmas :( book/or short story - its started just not finished - this year i hope to finish the quilts (1,2,3)

Naomi said...

Hey, as soon as we figure out a transportation solution for Dirk, I am coming to see you and I'll bring fabric and we can knock out the pettiskirts together (read: I will watch the children while you make us some pettiskirts)!