Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Cake

Before I show you pictures of the cake. I feel that I must first express my apologies….I think I may have mislead you into thinking this cake was going to be something special…
like a REAL ACE OF CAKES Cake.
(like this maybe)

If you were under that impression….Please take a moment to drop your expectation



lower than that….


think bottom rung of the limbo stick and maybe, just maybe, your expectations will be low enough.

OK, with expectations in their proper place, I’ll show you the cake.

It started with 2 chocolate cake mixes. Sorry Annie's Eats I just didn’t have time to test the “from scratch” recipes you hooked me up with. I swear I will practice before the next birthday.

Next came the strawberry filling
This time I followed Annie's recommendation....yummy!

Then the free-handing

Then the pastry bag….Boy even helped.

Almost done….
...I'm trying to psych myself into finishing “the gang” in the van window.  
(it was 12:45 in the morning)
I guess I’m a sucker for birthday smiles, 
because I knew how important "the gang" was to this cake dream 
so I did it with a toothpick!

One happy birthday boy, made it worth it.


Erin said...

That is still better than anything I could ever do! All I ever do is order a cool cake from the local bakery.

Gwenevere said...

I think I may do that next time....but then, I'm sure my "cheapness" with catch up with me and I'll end up decorating my own again.

The next cake order is Aurora, Snow White & Belle.

Trac said...

you did this free-hand? Ok, I've made many a birthday cakes, and this is just awesome! You can make mine any time. :) Hope you enjoyed the day.

Jamie G. said...

I think it turned out awesome! Except for the fact that it was chocolate...blech...:P

Gwenevere said...

Jamie...I think I'm done with chocolate cakes myself and that is saying ALOT.

Actually, I traced a cutout of the van with a toothpick so that it was "to scale" but everything on the inside had to be etched with a toothpick without a guide.

the Corbin Clan said...

Looks Awesome! Great job!

Naomi said...


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome cake. You did a great job decorating it and it was yummy to eat. You're the best.