Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Read List

For Book Club:




On the Side:


Katie said...

I was checking out Middlemarch the other day and it's LONG! I'll wait for you to read it to tell me if it is worth it.
Your book club picks no easy books, huh?

Gwenevere said...

I've been trying to get through Middlemarch for a year. The dear friend who recommended it said that if I can get through the first 250 pages...I'll love it. She was right with "The Once and Future King" (same rules apply) and it was totally worth it. I love that book.

megara said...

love cs lewis - - you sound like a reader! that's so great, i want to read all of these books! did you like the nicholas sparks book?

Gwenevere said... your name...Thank you Hercules! As far as the Nicholas Sparks Book...are you asking me to give you a sneak peak into my review before I reveal to the world? convinced me. I did like it. I need to read another one of his books that I don't know the ending before I start.

Jo-Ana said...

Thanks for the list. After school is done, I would like to be able to get some of these books read instead of textbooks!

SAW said...

Ah, The Great Divorce, arguably my favorite C.S. Lewis book to date. A clarion call to put away our selfish and petty selves along with our own forced wills and become substantial enough to approach the Master as He invites us to come unto Him.