Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finished Project #2 & #3

Since I already had my quilting frames out from FP1:TCP, I decided to keep them out to finish:

These blankets were made from…
…the flannel and fleece fitted sheets…
…that were left over from the sheet sets….
…where the flat sheet was used…
…to make a HUGER blanket…
…that were given away  as Christmas gifts in 2008 and 2009.

The euphoria from having completed these 2 projects hasn’t hit yet. Hopefully that will come over the next two weeks. For now, I just have sore fingers and thumbs. It’s not easy to pull a fat needle up through fleece, 10 oz. batting and flannel. 
(Lucky me, I had help under and help over)
Boy has wanted one of these blankets
since he first started helping me make them in 1998.
He wants to snuggle up [with me] while we watch episodes of LOST & American Idol.  
(I’m sure he really wants one to use for a Sunday nap but a girl can dream can’t she?)

The kids want to know when they can use one to build a fort.

I want to wrap up in one while I finish a book and devour some cheesy popcorn.

We will all have to wait just a bit longer.



Anonymous said...

What are you doing up so late???? Remember how yucky tired feels

AmyJo said...

Congrats on more projects finished! I know that we love the quilt you gave Heath one Christmas...maybe it was the 1st in 98?

Gwenevere said...

Thanks Amy...oh and by the way, every time I take a pictures for this thing....I miss you lots. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. I hope your trip home was....healing.