Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just so you know….

I do not read for fun

--I read to learn

I love to learn.

What do you do?
Why do you do it?


Julie said...

Ahh, reading... For me it is all of the above. I love to learn. But I also need entertainment. I love books I can get completely lost in and where I can't wait for the next night to pick it up and dive in again to find out what happens. All the better if I feel like there was a goo moral to the story :). I also love inspirational books, history, self help... You name it. I go through phases of reading a lot, depends on how many projects I have going on at home. Books, oh how I love books... There are usually two on my nigtstand along with my scriptures... I want a library in my house someday.

Erin said...

I would say I mostly read for fun, but I usually learn something while I'm doing it. I really love historical fiction and enjoy learning about that particular culture/historical event. Don't you think if you enjoy what you are reading about and learning about, it is considered fun?

Jill said...

I read to learn also. It takes patience on my part to sit still and focus. I love learning however, because as I learn more, my life becomes enriched. However, if I do not enjoy what I am learning, then forget it, I'll stop that book and look for another.