Friday, March 5, 2010


(from the last post)

Spring is on its way and although the winter uses of a cozy blanket are dissipating (yippee skippee), the spring and summer uses for such a blanket are just beginning….

1.      Picnics on the lawn will need a “table” cloth
2.     Outdoor concerts will need a ground cover that can double as a wrap when the sun goes down.
3.     Trampoline sleepovers will need an extra layer of warmth and comfort
4.     Campfire serenades will need a mosquito repellant
5.     Children with imagination will need the proper materials to build an extra wing onto their indoor fortresses when it’s too rainy to play outside.

Sew Many Books is here to fill your seasonal blanket needs.

I am pleased to announce
Sew Many Book’s
I’m a little worried that I’ve made my first giveaway a little too complicated 
...but I do so LOVE a game that requires more than just luck to win.
So lets play shall we?

The winner will receive ONE of these bundles of warm fluff and cozy.

Big Blue
a 68” x 78” blanket constructed of king size fitted sheets made from fleece and double sided flannel, 10 oz. batting and held together with yarn ties no more than 6 inches apart.

Big Red
a 65” x 77” blanket also constructed from fleece and double sided flannel king-size fitted sheets, 10 oz. batting and held together with yarn ties no more than 4 inches apart.

Be the Sew Many Books reader to generate the most points before noon (EST) on March 19th 2009 (that is in two weeks) and the blanket of your choice from the two posted above will be yours.

I.              Submit a MANDATORY ENTRY:
          (this must be done for ANY of your points to be counted-See How to Win)
a.    Leave a comment under this post that includes the following:
1.    Your name (made up or real-doesn’t matter to me) that others you refer, along with myself, can use to identify your mandatory entry.
2.    Which blanket you would choose.
3.    If someone else sent you…BE SURE TO REFERENCE his or her name in your comment.
4.    Leave a web address to your own blog (only if you want to use those points toward your total-see “How to Win” below.)

Hey hey, this is Gwenevere  from Sew Many Books ( and I am  looking forward to receiving BIG RED when I win this contest. Thank you Cindy from the City for clueing me in.

I.              Accumulate as many points as you can.
II.           Points are accumulated as follows:
a.    1 POINT for your mandatory entry
b.    3 POINTS for each entry submitted by someone else that references YOUR NAME in the comments (If you are using a fake name, make sure your pals reference your alias from your mandatory entry so that you receive proper point credit).
c.    5 POINTS for becoming a follower of this blog.
d.    5 POINTS for adding to YOUR OWN BLOG’s sidebar blog list (be sure to include the name of your blog in your comments so that I can verify you added Sew Many Books to your sidebar. If you have a private blog, send me an invite.)
e.    5 POINTS for becoming a Sew Many Books Facebook Fan (click on the FB widget to your right.)
f.     10 POINTS for dedicating an entire blog post on your blog to this amazing giveaway (it doesn’t have to be big…it could be as small as… giveaway game, check it out , enter to win and don’t forget to mention that  Cindy from the City, sent you.
g.    10 POINTS for EACH facebook status you post on your wall that links your friends back to (You must be a Sew Many Books Facebook fan in order to receive credit and only up to 5 wall posts per day will be counted toward your point total).
I’m sorry I had to delete item “g” in the points total. Since I’m new to the facebook fan page authoring....I did NOT realize that I do not have access to read each fan’s wall (they only have access to read mine). I know that this portion of the game was accumuleing many points for some of you but in order to be fair, I have to elliminate those points. L Although there are plent y of alternative to make up those points, for this giveaway, I will not be incorporating them. FORGIVE ME!

I’ll create a post announcing the winner just as soon as I have the results! (In my most hopeful dreams, this calculation process will take much longer than a minute. I am hoping to have lots of work ahead of me ….Help me Help YOU!)

1.    If someone enters more than once; only the first entry will be counted toward your point total.
2.    Your mandatory entry is the only comment you need to leave on this post. So long as you include the necessary information I will be able to track your point totals.
3.    If you are already a Facebook Fan, have Sew Many Books on your blog list, or are a current follower, no worries, you’ll get your points, so long as you submit a comment as your mandatory entry.
4.    If someone enters a comment and reference for more than one reader, no points will be awarded to either reader referenced (sorry folks but I’m forcing you to choose which friend you are going to support)
5.    If someone makes more than one comment and references a different reader in each comment; same results as in rule 4 apply.

p.s. please forgive typo's and confusion it's late and I want this posted tonight, I'll fix them when I see them.

Big Red

Big Blue 


Andrea said...

I want to win Big Red! See for a blog post and sidebar link.

And congrats on finishing TWO MORE projects! I'm feeling inspired to get working.

Aimee said...

I would love to win BIG BLUE!:) is doing a give away game! They will be giving away a beautiful blanket to a lucky winner.
See for more information about so you can enter to win one of these lovely blankets!

Chelsea said...

I would love to cuddle up with BIG RED or BIG BLUE (is that legal?)
You can check my blog at

Excited to play! Inspired to complete my own ongoing projects!

Jamie G. said...

Jamie here...I would love either, but if I had to pick I'd pick Big Blue! My blog is I am already a fan, have on my sidebar and am already a follower! YeeHaw! Is that all for my mandatory post...????

the Corbin Clan said...

I like Big blue. I am already a follower of the blog. I have you in my sidebar at I am a fan on facebook. Thanks!


Steve and Cyndi said...

I have a private blog, so I know I won't be able to get enough points to win... but I just wanted to let you know that it was through Aimee I found your blog. Give her the 3 points for getting me to your blog! She deserves to win big blue! :)

Erin said...

I would love Big Red! Fun giveaway! Chelsea sent me here, and I hope she wins! :)

Erin said...

It's Erin from I'll take Big Red or Big Blue, I'm not picky. I'm a fan, a follower, and you're on my sidebar! YAHOO!

ncazee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathan said...

Hey, hey Big Red here, but I will competing for Big BLUE! Erin sent me here with the southern hospitality.

Sarah Leslie said...

oh wow! big red for sure! so beautiful!

Pricilla said...

I am Pricilla and I would like to play for Big Red. I promise not to munch on it.

I am now a follower and a facebook fan!

Frosted with Love Custom Cakes said...

My name is Brook Cederstrom
I like BIG RED it's awesome. Chelsea Haynie told me to come and try to win! I have two awesome blogs and the

Frosted with Love Custom Cakes said...

I am now a follower!

Frosted with Love Custom Cakes said...

My blog now has your website in the bloglist.

Pricilla said...

Ooops, I forgot to include that your are now on my blogroll at
thank you
kaiminani at gmail dot com

Katie said...

Hi, I'm Katie, and Gwen is a good friend of mine. My favorite color is GREEN and everything in my house must be green go match something else that is green. You know my blog friend!

-Already follow.
-Added to sidebar
-Just became a fan on FB
-Just made a post about the giveaway on my blog.

...Ok, I guess that's all of it then.

Kellie said...

Hi I'm kellie from I want big red. It sounds tasty like the gum. I don't think I'll win b/c I'm too lazy to do all that stuff with my kiddies on my lap tying every other letter. BUT I'll tell you Chelsea sent me, maybe she'll win...


alecia said...

Hi, I'm Alecia and I want to win Big Red. Aimee (comment #2 above) showed me the way to

Surge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Surge said...

Hey, this is Surge from TSG ( and I am looking forward to receiving BIG RED when I win this contest. ;) ;) Thank for the chance - nobody reffered me!


+ I follow
+ I made a blog post :)

bison61 said...

Surge sent me and I would love Big Red! Vicki

tiramisu392 (at)

Jo-Ana said...

I was "recruited" by my task master, Gwen. I am late to the game but will try my best for Big Red! I do not have my own blog, just a facebooker. Thanks again Gwen!!

TJ D said...

I'm here for the giveaway, I want Big Red. Chelsea sent me! :)

Sharli and Andy said...

I'm here for Big Blue. Love it! Chelsea sent me this way through facebook!

Anonymous said...

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