Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Wedding - part 1

Review Coming Soon:

I don’t know that I ever would have picked up this book
 if it were not for the tears that filled my grandmothers eyes
when she finished reading it.

(She is currently caring for her husband, my grandpa,
who is suffering from dementia/alzheimer’s.
Aren’t they cute?)

I read this book because
I wanted to know why she cried.

Was it because…
she wanted a husband to romance her in such a way as was done in this story, but she knew that in his condition, he never would?


Was it because…
this story reminded her of how he still tries?

I hope it’s the latter…
Because sometimes I need to
believe in the impossible.


Jamie G. said...

They are adorable! They makes me miss my grandparents every time I see them.

Randy said...

you have such a way of making THINK about important things, Thanks

Randy said...

Oops I left out an important word "ME"